Education and Fellowship

Although our church is continually working toward re-opening our buildings and campus, while keeping within our State, County, and Conference COVID-19 guidelines, we are not fully there yet! So if you see an event listed in which you would like to participate, please call the church office at (805) 646.3528 to ensure it is currently being offered, as well as the day and times.

When we are in full “disciple mode,” both church and community members are welcome and enjoy various opportunities for education, fun and fellowship throughout the year. There are various small groups and study groups lead by the pastor throughout the year. The church also holds annual special dinners and events for Easter, Mother’s Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas. In addition, the following fellowship and community activities occur every week or month throughout the year:

God’s Girls (please see more information about God’s Girls on this website’s “Senior” page) is a social gathering for women of all ages for dinner once a month at various restaurants or at the homes of church members. This group collects a small donation each time to support local ministries and community efforts. Men of the church often meet at the same time in a different location for dinner and fellowship.

Bingo has always been a big hit in our fellowship hall, Peterson Hall! Now that the COVID-19 restrictions have eased up, we are planning to dust off our Bingo cards while the Bingo caller is warming up her voice! In pre-COVID times, Bingo occurred on the last Sunday of the month between 3-5 in the afternoon. All are always welcome! The tradition has been for each person to bring a small wrapped gift of no more than $5 in value as prizes. The suggested donation is $1 per card with a three card maximum. It is a great opportunity for those in attendance to talk, laugh and have fun. Refreshments are provided. Please call the church office before attending, just to make sure our Bingo schedule has remained the same!