First and foremost, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.

We open our arms, hearts, and doors to all who find themselves at Ojai United Methodist Church.  It can be difficult entering into a new space with new faces, but we are committed to welcoming you.  As people who love Jesus Christ, who do our best to navigate life with extreme grace and radical hospitality.  We seek to genuinely accept all people of all faith journeys, all vocations, all backgrounds, and all walks of life.  Remember, you, your questions, and your life experiences are welcome here.

Below is our Vision Statement as we seek to live in the world:

“Reflecting God’s Love: Joyfully living out the love of Jesus Christ by worshiping together, serving God, caring for one another, and celebrating the diversity of God’s beloved children as a faith community who welcomes persons without regard to age, race, culture, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, family configuration, religious background, economic status, developmental, mental, or physical ability.”